Thursday, 16 July 2015

15 July : Birthday

It was his birthday so we indulged MrM and allowed him to do a selfie with his crew. At first MrM was worried that he could only see himself but MissM pointed out that if he held the camera sideways and stretched his arm he could fit us all in. Afterwards MasterM wished that he had said "Marshmallow!" instead of "Popsicle!" and MrsM was very grateful that there was no evidence on her face of the chocolate tart she had just consumed but MrM was happy because everyone was in the photo.


  1. A great pic for the family archive. Happy Birthday to MrM

  2. Lovely to see your happy faces. Happy birthday to MrM too.

  3. The whole crew is looking great. Happy birthday, MrM!

  4. Thank you one and all - we had a lovely birthday meal full of good things. MrM will need more than one visit to the gym to burn off the calories.

  5. Happy Birthday MrM, great selfie!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you - too kind of you to say so!


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