Thursday 21 May 2015

20 May : Fragrance

Apparently I am super-sensitive to the smell of vanilla. I did not know this about myself. These Nemesia Wisley Vanilla have charming cream buds which fade to white flowers with a pale lemon centre. Unfortunately, they also have a very strong vanilla scent that drifts down the path and gets trapped by the front door. If the window is open the whole house smells as though I have one of those electric fragrance plugs. What am I to do? I fear that they may have to be banished to the end of the garden.  They catch the late afternoon sun so willingly that I feel ashamed of myself.  


  1. I'm sure they will look just as beautiful at the end of the garden...

  2. I am going to put them so far away that I will need a telescope to see them.


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