Thursday, 21 April 2016

21 April : Ronda

I have wanted to visit Ronda for so long and it did not disappoint. Not a place for people suffering from vertigo but full of charming little alleyways, squares and astonishing views over the plain. In one tree lined square we sat and watched a small group of musicians tune up before a concert. The young guitar player leaned against the fountain and tried out a couple of chords while his friend flicked at the base of his drum. Eventually they all wandered towards the church followed by assorted mothers, grandmothers and excited children. It would have been nice to follow them but we were hungry and it was time to eat.
[The first photo was the view from our bedroom]


  1. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Alice x

  2. Yes, isn't it - beautiful, fabulous and gorgeous - lucky you!

  3. Gorgeous is definitely the right word - the drop to the bottom made me feel a little dizzy and I am not normally prone to vertigo.

  4. How lovely to see Ronda out of season.


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