Friday 21 April 2017

work worries

The Lion of Knidos (c. 350-200 BC), British Museum

The Head of the Research Group is on the warpath after a recent visit to the British Museum.

"The labels on the displays are quite inadequate. I cannot understand it. There should be accurate geological details. Surely everyone wants to know the provenance of the materials. There are some rocks which are so characteristic that you can identify which quarry they originated from. Why is that information not on the labels?"

MrsM drafts a letter in her head

"Dear British Museum..."

Thursday 20 April 2017

a new mantra

The Magpie
Claude Monet (1868-9)

"Stay Frosty" is the catch phrase of Claude Taylor, one of the tireless commentators on the #TrumpRussia Twitter campaign. It also seems sensible advice if you are in the U.K. for the next seven weeks.