Wednesday, 8 February 2017


This is not the best window box I have ever created. It is too monotone, too scruffy and there is one plant which is the wrong shade of blue but it has given me so much pleasure since Christmas. These winter flowering pansies have a tragic history of neglect, sitting in a tray until I hastily planted them when I remembered that Tracey, the Boot Camp Gardener, was coming to visit. A couple of days later I noticed that they had collapsed from the frost so they were banished to the end of the garden. I rediscovered them after Christmas, flowering their little blue socks off, and gave them centre stage. The flowers may look fragile but they have survived a series of brutal frosts, collapsing completely and then reviving as soon as the temperature rises. It won't be long before they are replaced by a Spring window box full of bulbs so this is an appreciation post. Winter flowering pansies, I salute you


  1. I love pansies precisely for this reason – they're so tough and anything that provides a shot of colour when everything else is brown has to be a good thing.

  2. I can't think of any shade of blue that would be wrong. Grey, that's another matter.

  3. Their little faces are so cheerful.


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