Saturday 9 April 2016

9 April : Shells

Beach Scene
Edward Henry Potthast (1857-1927)

The Little Boy Next Door has just returned from two weeks in France and I sit on the doorstep while he shows me his shell collection with a detailed explanation of where each one was collected. Two urchin shells, a mermaid's purse, a razor shell, sundry crab claws and a miscellaneous assortment of small shells later I am suitably impressed. In a grandiose gesture he gives me an oyster shell to keep. I protest that this is far too generous and will spoil his collection and he agrees and takes it back. Then he rummages around in the bottom of the box and produces a battered bivalve. "Here. You can can have this instead. My little brother found it and I don't like it. Also, if you take it I can shut the lid properly." Meekly I accept my bounty.


Thank you for your comments on the last two posts. Much appreciated - especially the tips for insomnia. I'm getting back on track but have been rather side-swiped by tiredness this week. I need to go and live on the equator. 


  1. Wasn't he generous? I hope you enjoy the treasure trove. And get more sleep. x

  2. Children are shockingly straight-forward, aren't they? Lovely. Hope the sleep situation rights itself asap. Sam x

  3. little boys are so sweet and kind...if it is true that it's the thought that counts then you must surely be one of his very favorite people.


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