Saturday, 18 June 2016

18 June : First Aid

Bilum Bag
Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea
image : Wikipedia

The Research Associate is going to Papua New Guinea for a month of field work.

"I always take my own first aid kit. The standard ones are fine but I like to have a few extras. Like a bone saw. I worked in canyons for a while and I saw that film '127 Hours'. You know that one where he gets his arm trapped in a rock fall and has to saw it off with a blunt penknife. So I figured if I got a bone saw I could be out of there in ten minutes if my arm ever got trapped.'

MrsM feels slightly faint but suggests that '10 Minutes' is not going to be much of a film. The Research Associate laughs, packs her bandana and sets off for the Back of Beyond.


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