Thursday 23 June 2016

23 June : Rain

Ugghhh. Wet June.
Soggy roses, saggy peonies.
Not even going to mention
a strangulation of bindweed.
Nope. Not going there.
On the up side
the ground elder
is playing a blinder.
So there's that.


  1. Trade you your bindweed for my hogweed and thistles...

  2. I have lots of cleavers - free to a good home.

  3. Weeds - they keep us on our toes :-)

  4. I run a good line in creeping buttercups........

  5. My husband has recently been quite seriously scarred by a weed - a hogweed which sprays you with sap which then reacts with sunlight to create huge blisters. It can take months for the effects to disappear. I was similarly attacked by cleavers or goosegrass which left a long scar on the back of my hand. We have bought a strimmer to beat them and the nettles back.

  6. ... Still wet in August... (and I was away when it was glorious in July... typical)


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