Monday 10 August 2015

10 August : Blue

I thought I could have an Unofficial Garden Birthday like the Queen, with a Trooping of the Colour to celebrate. Well, why not? Anyway - here is the Blue Brigade looking trim.

All of these flowers are growing in my garden at the moment except the spectacular Delphiniums which I photographed in Clare College Fellows' Garden. One must have have dreams and make plans...this time next year?


  1. It is most pleasing when a plan comes together. (Happy unofficial birthday x)

  2. The Garden has asked me to thank you for your kind felicitations.

  3. I so wished that the Delphiniums were yours! Your own blooms are lovely however, especially the Alium.

  4. I wished the Delphiniums were mine too! Unfortunately every Dephinium I have ever tried to grow has been eaten to the last little mouthful by slugs. I am going to have another try next year.


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