Wednesday 23 September 2015

23 Sept : Yellow

I don't like Hypericum 'Hidcote' because it reminds me of supermarket car parks. There is a large bush by the washing line which was here when we bought the house and was probably a bargain from Woolworths. I try to kill it every year by savage pruning but it hangs on grimly, grows back and then flaunts those horrible flowers at me when I hang the washing out. And, as we talking about bad boys, I need to mention Malus 'Golden Hornet' which Prince Charles planted at Highgrove in a crown shape. It has charming spring blossom but the abundance of golden yellow fruits cling to the tree until they are black and withered and then stay there forever - not an attractive look. I am considering a drastic solution involving a tree surgeon and I am sure Prince Charles has come to the same conclusion. Meanwhile the Hosta is fading quietly and politely to a buttercup yellow. I heart that Hosta.


  1. I can't visualise the crab apple in a crown shape! Have you thought about picking the fruit and making crab apple jelly which is easy and delicious and Mr M might like?

  2. Crab apple jelly for MrM? What madness is this? I am very suspicious - is this my mother-in-law speaking?

  3. crab apple jelly for Mr M, don't be ridiculous. make it and give to me!


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