Saturday, 14 May 2016

13 May : Cheques

MasterM : I'm writing a cheque!
MrM : Haven't you ever written one before?
MasterM : No! Never!

MasterM sends a picture of The Cheque

MrM : That's a paying in slip
MasterM : Right. So what's that for?
MrM : Paying in money.
MasterM : How am I going to pay my subscription to the Fly Fishing Club?

MrM sighs and gets out his cheque book.


  1. First time for everything. Personally, I blame it on the parents ...

  2. Clever MasterM :-)

  3. Replies
    1. It is not so long ago that he rang up and asked what you call those things that you put letters in. Envelopes? Yes!

  4. Actually, come to think of it, I very much doubt either of my daughters have ever written one.. wierd...

    1. No - but I bet they have an app for transferring money by BACS. I have never done that. Which is much more shocking than never writing a cheque.

  5. Now I'm wondering how he got hold of a paying in slip!
    I think Mr M should send him a Postal Order.

    1. He requested a cheque book but when they sent a paying-in book he didn't know what a cheque book looked like so he didn't realise there had been an error.

      Funnily enough he had to provide a Postal Order as security for his South African student visa. It was a surprise to realise they are still available.

  6. A sign of the times! Mine have never written a cheque either but I've never transferred money electronically... That would involve online banking and that's a whole new ball game!


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