Monday, 9 May 2016

9 May : Postman's Pinks

You will be glad to know that although the garden has slipped into disgraceful neglect the Postman's Pot has maintained the chic end of the shabby-chic spectrum. I have been delighted with these carmine pinks which seem to flourish in the sheltered little space on the front doorstep. I am not sure if our Postie notices them, weighed down with the worries of the world as he is, but I like to think that there is some subliminal calming benefit from being exposed to the delicious smell of cloves when he bends to put the letters through our door. I am wondering whether to fill the entire front garden with pinks so that everyone who walks past will relax - a Sniff and Smile therapy.


  1. I don't think our postie appreciates the wallflowers I have planted next to our front door, but I do, and I would very much appreciate your pinks.

  2. Subliminal planting – great idea. The smell of clove-y pinks on a sunny day is delicious.

  3. I like the way Gorse smells - like coconut.


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