Tuesday 24 November 2015

24 Nov : Hellebore

Urghh...wet, wet, wet. Cold, dry, blue winter is good but cold, wet, grey winter is horrid. I braved my garden to get inspiration but only went as far as the edge of the patio before plunging back into the house like a bear who has accidentally woken from hibernation and left the cave too early. I took a photo of Hellebore as evidence that I had been outside and noticed that the winter flowering Jasmine is looking very stylish so will show you that another day but right now I am going sit on the sofa and watch Monty Don enthuse about William Kent at Rousham. Don't judge me.


  1. Am in no position to judge as have been watching Mary Berry make Tiramisu Cake...

  2. Why do my Hellebores keep their heads down when yours is looking up?

  3. Snap. But I had to go into my wet garden to talk to a man about taking down a huge laurel. Then I watched Monty at Rousham extolling greenery etc and I'm doubting my decision. No, it's got to go and will be an opportunity to manipulate my own landscape and plant something more interesting.


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