Monday 18 January 2016

18 Jan : Refocus

This is my first camellia blossom, imperfect because it was caught by frost over the weekend but a very welcome sight. Soon there will be snowdrops under the cherry tree and daffodils in the pots outside the kitchen door. Tantalizing images of Spring float before my eyes but then I remember that I must enjoy today, frosty and grey as it is, because I love wearing warm gloves and soft scarves which I can only do when it is cold.

Today was the first day since Christmas that I have had a chance to think, to write lists, to organise, to plan. It was like a mental spring clean, clearing out the brain-clutter that had accumulated during the busy weeks and poking in corners to make sure that nothing important had been pushed out of sight. Now the mental pencils have been sharpened and I am ready to go again. 


  1. I love a crisp, cold day when I can wear big jumpers, scarf, gloves and hat. Especially a hat. I'm glad you're all spruced up and raring to go again.

  2. "Soon there will be snowdrops..." *Sigh* I did plant snowdrop bulbs in November, so if I'm lucky, my two little patches will start to come to life in March. At the moment we are having arctic blasts (we always blame the Canadians - like they've deliberately created the cold air and sent it to us for spite) and the thermometer was at -5 F this morning. Argh.


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