Friday 17 March 2017


Never in doubt.

Thank you for your friendship this week. I'm going to be spreading compost on the garden because that is what Tracey the Boot Camp Gardener has decreed so you can be sure that whatever you are doing is going to be somewhere above me on the scale of Weekend Fun. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hope your Boot camp goes well. I'm spreading manure next week so I'm really going to appreciate any flowery scent after that - making sure I do my socialising beforehand!

  2. I will be standing on the side of the Thames shouting encouragement to my husband who is racing in Kingston Head, then back home to plant trees and sow seeds. Maybe a little compost-spreading, too, which I quite enjoy as it will reap floriferous rewards :-)

  3. Spent yesterday on the allotment digging out the compost from the oldest heap, narrowly avoiding spearing slow worms and small furry creatures & tipping about ten wheelbarrow loads into the base of the runner bean trench. Then, I turned the newer heap into the emptied space, as Monty Don insists turning of the heap is the key to compost success. Went home exhausted & smelly since my compost is never as light & sweet smelling as that made by Monty.

  4. Our compost comes out a bit sodden, and I spread the lumps around the garden. More mulch than compost, but at least I can recycle kitchen waste.


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