Thursday 30 March 2017

hindsight 20/20

MasterM could not join us at the picnic
because he was running a marathon.
Not just any old marathon
but up and down the coastal footpath
from Lulworth Cove to Shell Bay.

from Charmouth to Shell Bay.
3 marathons in 3 days.
You have to be superfit to complete it.
MasterM ran on the last day
to support his friend
who completed all three marathons.

This is MasterM's pedometer for last week:

MasterM has never run a marathon before
but, as you can see from the pedometer,
he thought he was already fit enough.
He won't make that mistake again!

It was all in aid of teamArchie,
set up in memory of Archie Lloyd,
inspiring and enabling young people,
helping them to fulfill their potential.


  1. good grief. my legs are marshmallows just thinking about it!

  2. Aah the blind optimism of youth. I remember it well.

  3. That hill from Lulworth Cove is hell to walk up never mind run up as part of a marathon! Well done to Master M and his mates.

  4. Quite an achievement indeed!


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