Monday 20 March 2017

virtual sushi

This is not my sushi but I'm going to claim some of the credit because we gave MissM the vouchers for the Waitrose Cookery School at Christmas. After a very enjoyable session at Finchley Road she is now a Grand Sushi Master with black belt and knots. Unfortunately I had to restrict myself to drooling over the photo because the sushi was consumed by MissM and her flatmates. MissM is fired with enthusiasm and has persuaded me to enrol on a breadmaking course with her. There will be photos of me looking hot and covered in flour in your future. You have been warned.


  1. I could say yes to bread making but not to sushi making, although my waist line tells me I should say no to bread making.

    1. You could make the bread and give it to someone else to eat.

      On second thoughts - that is not very realistic...


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