Tuesday 30 June 2015

30 June : Heat

It's changeover day when the garden furniture comes out of the summer house. If you look carefully in the middle distance you can see MissM relaxing on the sofa after work. So far, so idyllic. Please note that this photo has been carefully cropped to remove evidence of the holiday washing on the line (front left). Also the fact that the lawn is already crispy dry (centre) and the Magnolia stellata (front) needs pruning. But the sofa has been carefully placed to hide the worst bit of the shady border (back left). So there's that.


  1. you lost me at summer house................... x

    1. It's a rather grandiose name for a posh shed. I keep calling it the Wendy House by accident.

    2. Ours has been renamed the 'lady shed', but I do like Wendy House!

  2. But surely the prize has to be ....well is that Annabelle I see flowering there???


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