Monday, 8 February 2016

8 Feb : Monday

Let's just stare at this cottage for a moment. It is in the precinct of Salisbury Cathedral. The door! The arched windows! The dear little higgledy-piggledy shape! The garden was lovely too - a long rectangle adjoining the path filled with snowdrops. Surely a garden gnome lives here? I couldn't resist stopping to take a photo even though I was in the middle of a gale force wind and worried that I would be swept up into the stratosphere.

I am afraid that this is the only photo in my camera from the past two weeks. I think I have been alive but there isn't much evidence. Looking ahead there will be work days, gallivanting days and Mr Chippy hanging new doors at home. It's all a go-go but I am hoping to squeeze in a few moments here so I must remember to take some photos. Happy Monday!


  1. anthropomorphic architecture

  2. Love the shape of the beech hedge too – it matches the windows. All so neat. Hope your job is going well.


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