Sunday 24 May 2015

23 May : Garden Wisdom

Garden Wisdom
compiled by Leslie Geddes-Brown
illustrations by Angie Lewin

I saw this book in the gift shop of the Watts Gallery when we were buying entrance tickets and then spent the next hour worrying that someone else would buy it before I returned. They didn't and it is just as well because this is the book that I would take to my desert island. The most delightful selection of writings about gardening, each snippet thought provoking and making me want to read more by that writer, interspersed with delicious illustrations by Angie Lewin. I wish now that I had bought two copies so that I could have one to read and one for best. What? Don't you do that? 


  1. Would it be tactless to tell you it was half price?

  2. I have my hands over my ears so I can't hear you...


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