Thursday 12 January 2017


MissM says "How are you getting on with your resolution?" I look around, hoping that she is talking to someone else but there is no-one else in the car. I prevaricate and ask "Which resolution?" as though there is a long list. MissM is implacable "The one where you promised to make a new recipe every week" I laugh weakly "It's only a few days since the New Year..."

MissM helps me to understand how disappointed she is that I have failed already and asks me to message her with details of the first new recipe. "You will enjoy the challenge once you start" she promises.

I fry sausages and make lentil ragout. It is filling but brown,  I message MissM as requested - she keeps me honest, that one. Only 51 recipes to go. It's going to be a long slog. 


  1. Does a handful of goji berries count as a new recipe?

  2. That was rash of you!

  3. Find a friendly foodie blog.
    I have a LONG list of enticing recipes found on the interwebz.

    Have tried the celery risotto ... one down.


    2. Thanks Diana - the lovely Gina is always an inspiration for yummy recipes!


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